Q: “How do you select your caregivers?”
A: We require personal and work related references. All caregivers undergo a national background and driving record check. We also verify licensing for CNAs and CHHAs.

Q: “Are your caregivers trained?”
A: YES. We only hire caregivers that have experience. Our caregivers must also attend mandatory training. Caregivers are trained in patient transfer safety and positioning, nutrition intake, proper feeding, incontinent care and hospice care.

Q: “Can I meet the caregiver first?”
A: YES. Our company representative will accompany the caregiver to your home to assure compatibility.

Q: “What if the caregiver is ill or does not show up?”
A: If your regular caregiver is ill, we will offer another caregiver to fill in until your regular caregiver returns.

Q: “Do you provide care in hospitals, assisted living facilities, or nursing homes?”
A. Yes. We can provide caregivers wherever the client is located.

Q: “Who pays the caregiver?”
A: We do. Caregiving Solutions handles all payroll, taxes, liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance and administrative responsibilities.

Q: “What are the minimum hours?”
A: We do NOT have minimum hours. We provide caregivers based on your need, whether it is 4hrs/day, 12hrs/day or live-in care.

Q: “What are your rates?”
A: Our rates vary depending on the level of care needed. Please call for more information.

Q: “Does Medicare or Medi-Cal pay for caregiving services?”
A: No. Non-medical companion care is privately paid. However, we do accept long term care insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.

Q: “Why should I choose Caregiving Solutions rather than hiring someone privately?”
A: We train our caregivers. We handle all employee payroll and state and federal taxes. The caregivers undergo national background and driving record checks and we are bonded and insured to provide you with peace of mind.

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